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At Benchmark we're proud to champion both individual and business needs by getting the right people in the right place for the long term. 

Developing their skills but also giving them the opportunity to do so in the right nurturing environment. With the rise of individuals signing up for coding camps with successful results, teaming up with Ben Atha at The Developer Academy was a no brainer. We're even more happy to be able to share a success story of our own! After 6 months of retraining as a developer through The Developer Academy, we were delighted to have had a hand in helping student George to secure his first role at rail tech innovators, 3 Squared explains the big pros taking on a candidate from a less orthodox career route:

"Companies have woken up to the benefits of being an inclusive employer. At 3 Squared we don't recruit for 'culture fit', that just means we end up hiring the same kind of people, we hire for 'culture enhancement' and that means hiring all kinds of people from all kinds of educational backgrounds. We have apprentices, graduates, people who are self-taught and people who are committed to re-training. We're therefore thrilled to have hired George from The Developer Academy. George was hired after excelling at interview and code test and came to us with all the attributes we look for in a Junior Developer. The search for talent is more competitive that ever in South Yorkshire, but we are confident that by looking slightly further afield for prospective staff we're still getting the same superstars we always have." 

Benchmark also asked George about his experience using a recruitment agency and what a difference re-training with The Developer Academy has made: 

"Before retraining I had the misconception that you needed a computer science degree to get a job in programming. Training with The Developer Academy gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the IT sector. Benchmark helped a lot with getting interviews with open minded companies such as 3 Squared and giving great interview advice beforehand. I'm now enjoying my second month as a Junior Software Engineer at 3 Squared."

Seeing the first live student securing a role at 3 Squared was a delight for both Benchmark and The Developer Academy, we were really fortunate to be able to collaborate together to encourage and coach George through his application and interview process. Ben has collaborated with us through the process of getting George towards the right training. Here is what Ben had to say about George starting his role at 3 Squared: 

"Seeing George so happy in his new role at 3 Squared really emphasies how important it is for our students to have the flexibility to explore different areas of coding. George originally started learning Data Science with us before moving on to web development and C#, something that he really enjoyed and was able to focus on. I think this has really helped him find the right job and I'm so pleased to see him happy at such a great company."

Overcoming the digital skills shortages in the regioon is always at the forefront of Benchmark's Digital and IT team - if you are looking for alternate options into a new career, get in touch with Ben Atha to see how he can help. Likewise, if you feel that recruiting for the right digital skills can sometimes be a struggle,
speak to Benchmark to find out how taking a different approach could be a benefit for your team in 2020!