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How Interviewing Remotely Could Benefit Your Business


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With the COVID-19 pandemic in full force there has been an increase in businesses turning to remote working to follow government guidelines.

Many businesses have put a pause on recruitment due to the uncertainty of when lockdown will be over. Is it time to stop waiting for things to go back to normal and embrace the 'new normal', making your recruitment processes remote in addition to your day-to-day working? 

We want to show how making your recruitment process remote could benefit you and your potential hires. 


In our 14 years if helping build businesses with the right people, one of the things we have learned is that time and flexibility can often be a restraint for both interviewer and interviewee. Interviewing remotely allows the flexibility to meet out of hours or during lunch with no additional travel for either party. 


The further you would have to go for a remote interview is from your living room to your office. No travel means no expense. It also means you can open your search to include candidate who might be considering relocation, whilst avoiding the inconvenience of travelling for several interviews. 


Remote interviewing potential hires can reduce the recruitment process time significantly by increasing availability. Rather than waiting for a candidate to arrange time off, a remote interview can be arranged much more flexibly. By reducing the interview process timeline, candidates will be more likely to join your business ahead of competitors who insist on the old model of potential hires attending the office. 

We think it’s time to embrace the ‘new normal’. The technology available is simple to use and affordable enough to make interviewing a breeze.

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