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How to Make the Most of Working From Home


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With the current climate and change in the world following the Coronavirus Pandemic taking over, a lot of us have found ourselves in the new position of working from home. 

So how do you keep the same routine, motivation and work life balance that you would normally have at the office? That is where Benchmark are here to help: 


If you have the idea that working from home means lounging on the sofa or laying in bed on your laptop doing ‘work’, chances are you aren’t going to be the most productive. Catching up on your favourite series or buying some new shoes maybe, but no work. Setting up an area of your home whether it is the kitchen table, spare room or garage as an office will increase your motivation instantly. It will be like walking into your actual office even if it is just a different room in your home.

Getting ready for work

As much as we all love the idea of lounging around in our PJ’s all day it doesn’t make us very productive. Try to keep the routine of getting up and getting ready for work. We don’t mean get up and put on a full three-piece suit to sit in your spare room, but to get out of bed and get ready to tackle the day ahead (not in your pjs!).

Stay organised

It can be easy to get distracted by many things at home; Netflix, your phone, your really cute dog who wants to play constantly, but work is the priority and all of those things will still be there when you have finished. Making a day plan is a great way to stay organised. Make a list of your must do’s and set timers for starting and finishing them to give your day structure. Rewarding yourself with a nice coffee or biscuit when you have finished the task is a good way to stay motivated and something to look forward too.

Check in

If working from home is new to you, you might feel slightly overwhelmed by it and struggling with certain aspects. Chances are your colleagues will feel the same. Be sure to check in with your colleagues and manager and express how you are feeling as you won’t be alone. You won’t be expected to completely adapt straight away and there might be some hiccups in the way but communication with colleagues might ease your mind and they might have some good advice on how to tackle the hiccups.


Just because you are working from home it doesn’t mean you have to work 9-5 none stop with 0 breaks. Allow yourself a lunch hour and take tea breaks. You will find not allowing yourself a break from your laptop may make you become less productive and more likely to burn out in the afternoon. Treat it as a normal working day, step away from your desk and take regular breaks to rest and rejuvenate before taking on another task. You will become more productive and get tasks done to a higher standard.

Work life balance

Don’t forget to have a life! It is easy to open your laptop ‘just to check emails’ after working hours or on a weekend, but who is it going to help? Make sure when you have finished after a working day you leave work at work (or in your spare room). Going for a walk when you have finished or doing a workout is great way to differentiate between work and home life, and on a Friday put your laptop away and enjoy the weekend!

We want to remind you that no one is expected to be a pro at working from home. We all have different ways of working and different home lives. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we are all adapting to this new way of working. If you want more advice on working from home or how to manage your recruitment process virtually get in touch.