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Fall Back in Love with Your Role


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With Valentine’s Day approaching love is in the air! Whilst chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners are on the cards (albeit via delivery and eaten at our own dining room tables) now is also the perfect time to rekindle your love with your job role.

According to statistics, people who love their job are 12% more productive than unhappy workers. We have some fantastic top tips to help you put the excitement and enthusiasm back into your working day so you can fall back in love with your job.

Identify improvements not problems

The first place to start is to list the aspects of the role you would like to improve. Take 10 minutes away from your desk to clear your head and make note of any things you don’t ‘love’ about your job. Once you have done this, start to break down these issues for example, if lack of development is one of things you don’t love about your role set a meeting to speak to your supervisor about training and courses you can attend to improve your professional development. If the issue is work life balance you could have a meeting about how the business can be flexible. Rather than highlighting these issues as problems, highlight them as parts of your role that you and your supervisor can work to improve.

Set goals

It is very easy to lose motivation when you have nothing to strive for. Set yourself goals whether they are business or personal to give you something to work towards. If you are already hitting your professional goals/KPI’s perhaps these need to be reviewed. This can give your role a fresh lease of life.

Asking for support

Feeling overwhelmed, swamped or stressed can make work seem nightmarish. Don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers or managers for support. They can help you figure out a way to manage your case load and schedule, making work more balanced and manageable.

Love your workspace    

Because we spend a large percentage of our life at work it is important to get the environment right. De-clutter your desk, get a new notebook, buy some plants. Do whatever it takes to make your working environment right for you. Make your workplace an area you love. It gives you a reason to look forward to going to work every day.

If after reading all of these tips you still don’t feel excited or enthusiastic perhaps now is a good time to consider your next career move. If that's the case get in touch with one of team here.