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Negotiating your notice period


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How to negotiate your notice period

You’ve found your dream job, you’re keen to jump ship and start your new role, but there’s one hurdle standing in your way – you have to work your notice period before you can start.

Working with candidates on a daily basis, we understand the added stress notice periods can bring, so here are our 4 tips to help you part on good terms and get cracking in your new job.


  1. You’re not trapped – don’t feel trapped by your notice period often they’re not as set in stone as you think.  By communicating with your employer, you can work to nail down what works best for you as they will be aware your heart isn’t in the role anymore.


  1. Be bold – you won’t know until you ask. Talk to your current employer and see how flexible they are – it may be that through open and honest conversation you can agree on an earlier finish date. 


  1. Don’t forget your holidays – if you have holidays left for the working year these are yours to take and can allow you to trade them in for an earlier finish date.  You are entitled to this and will mean you can start your new role even sooner.


  1. Be careful what you sign up to – in the joy of securing a new role we often find candidates sign up to a new role without considering the notice period.  Only sign up to a three month notice if you are in a managerial or senior position.


Here at Benchmark we have new jobs that can turn this month, so talk to us about your personal circumstance and we will advise you best how to proceed when it comes to handling your notice period.