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10 Tips for finding and keeping the right talent


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We are currently navigating a very challenging candidate market  and finding the right candidate for your business can prove very time-consuming and not as easy as it seems.  We have put together our top 10 tips on finding, and keeping the right talent for your business. 


  1. Take the time to get your brief and job spec exactly right in the first place (competencies, experience & personality required ) This will save you a huge amount of time and effort in the long run.
  2. Advertise in the right places and cast the net wide. Sticking an advert on your site and hoping for the best is likely to produce slim pickings.
  3. Have a rigorous screening process that checks applicants against the criteria. A competency based scoring criteria can help here, decisions about who to interview based on emotional responses, ‘ they sounded nice’ can lead to wasted time.
  4. Don’t forget the interview is a two way process (yes you need to check they are right, but they need to buy into you, your company & the job) Too many employers forget to sell the opportunity and fail to get the buy in.
  5. Make a decision – don’t delay as good candidates get snapped up, there are lots of alternative opportunities for good employees. Potential recruits don’t appreciate being kept hanging on. Give feedback for people who are not successful, failure to give reflects badly on your organisation and people talk.
  6. Ensure your offer letter & contract is spot on & timely ( mistakes can cause second thoughts, and delays can allow time for counter offers )
  7. Plan and deliver a detailed induction, the first day, week and months will set your employees first impressions and strongly influence their attitude at work. Understand your new recruits learning style, and make sure your induction & subsequent training is delivered as appropriate to them.
  8. Share the induction plan clearly and outline your expectations, any KPI’s they will be expected to hit and what training they will receive to assist them. Too often new recruits are not entirely sure what is expected of them by what point in time. This can lead to insecurities, or alternatively false confidence.
  9. Book in regular reviews during the first six months to check their progress and give you both the opportunity to smooth out any teething troubles, remember it can take a while for them to bed in and fully understand how to do the job.
  10. Appraise on an annual basis as a minimum, and if you expect them to deliver on promises you must do the same. Too often we hear of appraisals going back in the HR drawer, the training or project promised never happens and guess what....they start to look for another job


A good consultancy should offer assistance with every stage of this recruitment process, if you feel you would benefit from some assistance  or would appreciate some advice contact the Benchmark team – rebecca@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk / 07714771600