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Creative, Digital and IT Talks

Our involvement in the IT and Digital sector gives us an insight into emerging trends and requirements from Sheffield businesses that we are keen to share.  In the first of our new ‘Creative, Digital and IT Talks’ we do just that – our blog pieces are aimed at profiling some of the people and organisations behind Sheffield’s growing tech scene.

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Writing a perfect job advertisement

If you have a vacancy lying open and you’re wondering why your preferred candidate hasn’t come along yet we recommend sitting back and assessing your hiring approach.  The reality is it’s a candidate market and expectations in terms of salary, flexibility and benefits are high; without realising it you could be alienating a large amount of talent by creating an

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Perks of the Job

The stakes have been upped when it comes to perks at work and free tea and coffee no longer cut it.  Grainy coffee granules and tea stained mugs have been replaced let’s face it by premium coffee machines that rival your local baristas skills.  That’s just for starters; we’re seeing companies catering for employees lifestyles with benefits that keep the

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Are you a super Dad?

We know the struggles parents face juggling the demands of work and childcare, and just making it to the weekend is often deemed a success!  This week it’s time to give a shout out to the Dads out there who are their kid’s superheroes.  These are the signs you’re killing it as a Dad and giving your kids the best

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Office ‘Politics’

When political discussions are rife it’s hard to avoid them, as you’ll hear it on the office radio, see it on social media, and will naturally be drawn to comment.  Whereas you may embrace healthy political discussions in your play time, in work time it can be a dangerous subject!  When it comes to office ‘politics’ should you go there?! 

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Apprenticeship Levy – A New Future For Apprenticeships

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy on April 6th  is set to create monumental changes in the future of Apprenticeships.   From this date onwards businesses with a payroll of over £3 million will be required to invest in apprenticeships.  The Apprenticeship Levy will see a co-investment and development of vocational skills designed to significantly increase the quantity and quality of

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Introducing Benchmark Bites

Here we introduce to you ‘Benchmark Bites’, the first of our monthly podcasts.  Benchmark Bites gives a view from company Managing Director, Louisa Harrison-Walker, on key trends and issues which affect businesses in the Sheffield City Region. A timley topic for Mother’s Day is the issue of ‘flexible working hours for all employees’, the Benchmark Bites podcast gives an insight into employers practice –

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Championing Flexible Working Hours

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we are turning our heads to the working mums who strive to strike a balance between home and professional life. It still surprises us that there are companies in Sheffield and South Yorkshire who are unwilling to bend when it comes to flexible working hours, essentially alienating a large proportion of the female workforce. An

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The New Job Roles Of 2017

Over the years, the jobs market has changed dramatically, none more so than in the last decade. The IT industry has exploded, having a huge effect on the way we market and sell products, resulting in an avalanche of new job titles as roles evolve to accommodate this new technology. At Benchmark, we are privileged to have an insight into

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Workplace Workouts

Do you want to know the secret to being super fit, super healthy, super productive and super reliable? Well expert Sheffield health and fitness guru Barry Wood from 7 Hills Fitness is here to fill you in…. It’s pretty simple when you break it down, the secret to creating a super productive and super reliable work force is incorporating health

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National Living Wage Alert

With the introduction of the compulsory National Living Wage in April there are changes also in place this October with new rates for under 25’s.  We thought it would be timely to issue an alert to make sure you’re aware of the changes. Keep the below rates on your radar and ensure this October employees receive the pay rise. 16-17

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Tattoo Talk

With 36% of Millennials and 40% of Generation X with at least one tattoo it is a hot topic when it comes to appropriateness in the workplace – and views are divided among business owners. Long gone are the days where employers didn’t want men with long hair or smokers, instead we’re now witnessing some companies actively requesting no one

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10 Really Weird Interview Questions

10 Mind-Boggling Interview Questions Real Companies Have Asked Interview questions. Let’s face it, in general they tend to be fairly standard most days and this can often be a mistake. With all the plethora of resources available on the web, the tried and tested thread of the usual competency-based questions can lead to pre-programmed answers, recited speeches and a great deal

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Laying The Foundations For A Strong Team

When it comes to recruiting new staff for your business, finding the right person can prove very time-consuming and expensive. In fact, according to a report by Oxford Economics, it costs employers £30,614 to replace a member of staff (this accounts for management time, loss of earnings and loss of productivity whilst training). That figure is shocking enough, but it

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Choosing A Good Egg

Fulfilling a role is one thing but finding an employee that has the skill set and the cultural fit to your business is hard to nail.  Finding a perfect candidate isn’t as easy as it seems, but if you have a firm process in place to sift out the golden candidates you will soon have your dream team. With

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Identifying Cracks In Your Business

Big on the agenda for our clients at Benchmark is retention – working with them to ensure longevity in employee /employer relationships.  Recognising any cracks in your business is key and being aware of issues early on will mean you don’t loose good people unnecessarily. We conducted research into employee satisfaction in their roles – our research is a real

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Find Interviews Boring?

We trialed a new way of recruiting  with competency based assessment days, giving our clients the chance to be Alan Sugar for the day. Our candidates were put through their paces with team activities, presentations, speed interviews and debating challenges all tailored to each client and each specific job. Each day has had a 100% hire success rate. Candidates have

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The Importance of Down Time

When embarking on a career, many of us thrive on being successful, climbing the ladder, breaking through that glass ceiling and, ultimately being well paid for our efforts. Whilst it is great to have a rewarding job and to be stimulated by the 9-5, it’s very easy for the ‘work to live’ ethic to turn in a ‘live to work’

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Home grown strategy

Is it really so important to have a defined vision in order to take your business forward? Or should you just go with the flow? Nick Green looks at the vital role of strategy in uncertain times. To quote John Lennon, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’ To anyone doing business throughout the past

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Role play can help your interview style

Communication coaches video their clients’ presentations to highlight distracting mannerisms or awkward body language. Role playing your interview from beginning to end (with a friend “acting” the interviewer) can do more than just reveal a limp handshake. A consistent message Your entire “performance” should allay an interviewer’s greatest fear – that of choosing the wrong person. Does your appearance, attitude,

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The five biggest hiring mistakes

Hiring the right people is critical for any business but especially for a small company with relatively few employees.  Hiring mistakes not only waste time and money, they create a ripple effect that impacts other employees and your business. Here are five hiring mistakes you absolutely must avoid: 1.  Thinking you can change a leopard’s spots.** All employees typically must follow

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Agency workers regulations – new rights, new rules – what could it mean for my business?

Q: Agency workers regulations – new rights, new rules – what could it mean for my business? The Agency Workers Regulations (“AWR”) improve the position of temps (as agency workers are usually known) and may make them less attractive overall to businesses. The most important new right is the right to the same pay and conditions when a temp has

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