Following the recent announcement from the Government, Team Benchmark are open as normal helping you find your dream team, or dream job, but will b only based within the office 3 days a week (Tue, Wed, Thur) for the foreseeable. We have made thise decision with the health and safety of our employees, clients and candidates in our best interest. Rest assured you will receive the same level of service that you would from the offic.e We can be reached on our emails or mobiles, please see our contact details here: 

Louisa - 079 3215 5042 | Louisa@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk
Rebecca - 077 1477 1600 | Rebecca@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk

Lee - 077 1477  1605 | Lee@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk

Ellie - 075 7243 3125 | Ellie@benchmarkrecruit.co.uk

Thank you for understanding and please stay safe and well. We look forward to speaking to you soon. ​