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Inspired by Leonard - Evening Talk: Leonardo da Vinci on Dynamics and Animation

Thursday, 18 April 2019

18:30 to 19:30

£5, Please book in advance 

Join a specialist on Leonardo da Vinci, Dr Matthew Landrus (faculty of History, Wolfson College, Oxford) for a fascinating look at Leonardo's work.

Leonardo referred to science as 'the observation' of things possible, whether present or past'. In this context, science was invention, or innovation. He developed new approach to pictorial and engineering projects by promoting their dynamic qualities and mthods of animation. He wrote about painting as a science, and reffered to mechanics as 'the paradise of mathematical science, beacuse here we come to the fruits of mathematics.'

Leonardo's first two books were on painting and mechanics. How did those books contribute to the 'observation of things possible' in his projects? An important connection in this case is the necessity of animation, which is arguably the genius of this major pictorial and engineering projects.