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Inspired by Leonardo - LATE: Leonardo's Workshop

Friday, 26 April 2019

19:30 to 22:30

Join us for a very special late, inspired by the Leonardo: A Life in Drawing Exhibition on display at the Millennium Gallery, we all know Leonardo as a famed artist and polymath. At this event we'll be delving into Leonardo's workshop, exploring his inventions, scientific discoveries and fears of engineering.

Learn about how the renaissance master approached anatomical drawing in Leonardo's Anatomy lesson, led by award-winning artist Paul Evans. This fun and dynamic drawing class is based on Leonardo's explorations into the anatomy of the human figure, working from the live model, you will learn how to make quick, confident, observational sketches based on the figure in motion. 

Explore a full size replica of Leonardo's aerial screw which will be up and running in the gallery space - a prototype for the modern helicopter

Challenge your inner genius in our invention workshop, where you can junk model engineer fantastical machines.

We'll be sound-tracking the evening with a STEM-inspired soundtrack and we're delighted to welcome science rapper Jon Chase. Jon is the UK's foremost proponent of Science Raps having performed his science raps at The Science Museum, The Royal Society, The Royal Institution, and at many theatres, libraries and science festivals across the UK.