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What is SAD Syndrome?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD syndrome) is a very real problem that can affect people’s mental health and their ability to function in their job. Here we look at raising awareness around SAD syndrome, what it entails and proactive steps that you can take to protect yourself and a friend or colleague from being affected by this debilitating disorder. SAD syndrome

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Is Sales A Career For You?

If you’re considering a career in Sales then here we help you explore whether it’s a career for you and ensure you’re selling your worth, not selling your soul. Working in sales has had it’s fair share of sigma over the years, from the horrendous Apprentice Audition Clichés that we all like to cringe over, to that 8pm sales phone

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Are you a super Dad?

We know the struggles parents face juggling the demands of work and childcare, and just making it to the weekend is often deemed a success!  This week it’s time to give a shout out to the Dads out there who are their kid’s superheroes.  These are the signs you’re killing it as a Dad and giving your kids the best

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Office ‘Politics’

When political discussions are rife it’s hard to avoid them, as you’ll hear it on the office radio, see it on social media, and will naturally be drawn to comment.  Whereas you may embrace healthy political discussions in your play time, in work time it can be a dangerous subject!  When it comes to office ‘politics’ should you go there?! 

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Championing Flexible Working Hours

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we are turning our heads to the working mums who strive to strike a balance between home and professional life. It still surprises us that there are companies in Sheffield and South Yorkshire who are unwilling to bend when it comes to flexible working hours, essentially alienating a large proportion of the female workforce. An

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The New Job Roles Of 2017

Over the years, the jobs market has changed dramatically, none more so than in the last decade. The IT industry has exploded, having a huge effect on the way we market and sell products, resulting in an avalanche of new job titles as roles evolve to accommodate this new technology. At Benchmark, we are privileged to have an insight into

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What Is The Best Layout For Your CV?

So, you’re looking for a new job? You know you have the right training and experience; you’re eager and motivated; you’ve even gathered together all of the information needed to clinch that next role – time to put it all together and find the best layout for your CV. At Benchmark, when it comes to CVs, we’re well-versed in what

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Spooky goings on

With Halloween looming are there spooky goings on in your workplace?  It may just be the ghouls of your office getting their spook on, but if you notice two or more of our five spooky scenarios perhaps it’s time to talk to your boss, and make sure all is well in the workplace, also with ghouls and ghosts just around

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Don’t be a ‘hedgehog’

When winter comes do you feel like curling up and hibernating until spring springs?  For a lot of people the answer would be ‘yes’, and according to research by Cyclescheme hibernation hits on 23rd October.  So be armed and ready and get your plan together to avoid becoming a ‘hedgehog’, and make sure you don’t drift towards SAD syndrome. The

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Tattoo Talk

With 36% of Millennials and 40% of Generation X with at least one tattoo it is a hot topic when it comes to appropriateness in the workplace – and views are divided among business owners. Long gone are the days where employers didn’t want men with long hair or smokers, instead we’re now witnessing some companies actively requesting no one

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Social Media Health Check

How recently have you checked your online presence, and how visible are your views and opinions online?  With current political debates and opinions rife it is easy to get drawn into online discussions and it’s a timely reminder to keep a check on how you are profiled online. Whether it’s professional platforms such as Linkedin or personal accounts on twitter,

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10 Really Weird Interview Questions

10 Mind-Boggling Interview Questions Real Companies Have Asked Interview questions. Let’s face it, in general they tend to be fairly standard most days and this can often be a mistake. With all the plethora of resources available on the web, the tried and tested thread of the usual competency-based questions can lead to pre-programmed answers, recited speeches and a great deal

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Carve Out A Strong Career Path

Do you feel like you’re watching colleagues take the next steps in their career and want to experience the same success?  If you’re looking to progress your career and have ambition to succeed you need to drive that enthusiasm in the right place, and in doing so carve out a strong career path for yourself. Broaden your horizons and make

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Love The Job You’re In

Considering we spend a large percentage of our lives in the work place it’s important to feel fulfilled and to take enjoyment in your role.  If you can learn to love your role you’ll be more productive, and bring positivity to your working environment which will also work to enhance your work/life balance. Demonstrating a love for your job isn’t

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Hands Up For A Career Move

Hands up if you’re looking for a career move in 2018?!  If so, our advice to you is be ahead of the game as it’s a crowded candidate market in January with lots of people looking to jump ship. It’s not a time to panic though, if you’re organised and know what you’re looking for you could secure your dream

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The Importance of Down Time

When embarking on a career, many of us thrive on being successful, climbing the ladder, breaking through that glass ceiling and, ultimately being well paid for our efforts. Whilst it is great to have a rewarding job and to be stimulated by the 9-5, it’s very easy for the ‘work to live’ ethic to turn in a ‘live to work’

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Making the Right Impression

If there is one place where first impressions really do count, it’s in an interview situation. In a startling number of cases, a decision is made the very second a candidate enters the room. Even if the candidate has the best credentials for the job, it can be very difficult for an employer to overcome that crucial first impression, which

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Childcare costs hit women hardest

Women are being priced out of the job market because of deep government cuts in state funding for childcare, according to research published on Sunday. The study by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) thinktank challenges the claims made by ministers that their flagship welfare reforms will “make work pay” and encourage people off benefits and into work. Instead, the IPPR analysis highlights figures

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Improve Your Applications

Improve your applications If you apply for a job, the least you hope for is to get an interview. Yet as many as 9 out of 10 applicants for a job fail at the application stage, and often because of basic mistakes. Faced with a mountain of applications, employers look for simple way to sift out large numbers of applicants

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